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Role: Designer & Associate Art Director

Throughout 2021, as we bounced between uncertain and stressful, Team ULTRA had one job: Deliver joy to the moments that needed it most. As Michelob ULTRA’s community building agency, we created content and social conversation with influencers, athletes, fans of the brand, sports clubs, events, UGC, products, kits and more in selected moments throughout the year.  

Daylight Saving Time | Earth Day | The Olympics | NYC Marathon
Rec League Season | And More


The Olympics
The More You Cheer

NYC Marathon
Run for Ultra

Rec League Season - Cheer Squad

We asked rec league teams to show the world they stand for joy by changing their name to Team ULTRA. About 100 teams took us up on our offer and we returned the favor by showering them up with beer, gear, and cheer. We transformed one lucky team’s game into a big league event.

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