NARS is a French makeup and skincare line. Their main objective is to empower women.  When someone needs the approval of others, it’s often due to a lack of self-love and confidence. There isn’t anything wrong with a little narcissism, so let’s all:


We will start the campaign by celebrating the woman who aren't afraid to be a little narcissist in the public. 

Through AR activated mirrors in public, women ​who stop to look at themselves will be able to try the new styles of NARS makeup and take a photo of their upgraded look. 

They will also get a chance to upload their photos to the nearby billboards to celebrate their narcissism. 

At the same time, Nars will also creates the #Narsissist App to bring the AR mirror experience and the look of new products on line. 

Through the app, user will get step by step guidelines that show them how to apply new looks directly on their faces.

Once they complete a look, they can always save and share the photos on their social account, and create a new Narsissist color palette with their own photos on it. 

If you post your new look with #beaNARSisist on Instagram, NARS will collect and share it on their social account and as  their paid social media post. 

To help spread our message around narcissism, we’ll tap into the most narcissistic people of all - influencers - having them use our hashtag to show the world how a little bit of narcissism can go a long way

A new line of #Narssissit products with narcissistic names will also be introduced to the public. 




Finally, we’ll help people feel empowered while they look at their faces on public restroom mirrors. We will put affirmative, shareable messages that celebrate how good it feels when people feel narcissism of themselves. 

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